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Hello and Welcome to my Women’s Healthcare Blog!

Hello and Welcome to my Women’s Healthcare Blog!

By Vandna Jerath, MD


I’m an obstetrician/gynecologist and  as I develop my new ob/gyn practice in Parker, Colorado I thought I would take some time to write about current or relative topics that impact women’s healthcare.   

I was in private practice for 11 years in Westminster, Colorado and decided to make a monumental change by relocating to Parker, CO.  Why did I make this move?  Well, for many reasons and like most doctors it is harder and harder to  make a reasonable living while adequately caring for patients in a  safe, positive, technically advanced, compassionate, and thriving environment.  I felt that this transition would offer a better path for these conditions and opportunities as well as provide better momentum, growth, and sustainability. 

I’ll be back soon to begin talking about some important topics in women’s health, medicine, and  healthcare reform today!  Thanks!

Vandna Jerath MD

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