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What Does the Patient Mean to the Doctor?

What Does the Patient Mean to the Doctor?

By Vandna Jerath, MD

I believe the doctor-patient relationship is about being a team.  It is only through teamwork and the sanctity of that bond that we can achieve success.  I define that success as empowered healthcare that leads to a positive outcome for you. That outcome may include alleviating fear and anxiety, resolution of symptoms, improvement of any condition, a cure of a disease, definitive surgery, becoming pregnant, or birth of a baby. I believe my role is to recognize your condition and needs and provide you with knowledge, experience, resources, and options.  It is not only an inherent right, but also a necessity that every patient should be actively involved and educated regarding her healthcare condition, options, and treatment plan. I also firmly believe that once a patient is provided with this knowledge, she maintains the autonomy to make her decisions regarding the course of her healthcare.  I do not believe it is my duty or purpose to make a decision for you, but simply to communicate effectively, empower you with knowledge and expertise (based upon my education and experience), maintain empathy and compassion for your individual needs, guide you down the best path possible, and ultimately respect your choice and wishes.  In this capacity the doctor-patient relationship leads to not only success, but also fulfillment and contentment for us both.

Many doctors have been burdened by overwhelming numbers of patients, rising malpractice costs, challenges of running a medical practice,and sleep deprivation that they have forgotten why they went into medicine.  The essence of our fulfillment comes from the doctor-patient relationship. My best days are those where I see patients who are amazing women, havethe opportunity to help them with their healthcare challenges and personal struggles, and reap the benefits of their life experiences and gratitude.  Sure – not every day is like this, but when the day is like this, it is truly AMAZING and I only look forward to the next day with renewed hope and optimism.

I have so many wonderful memories and experiences from my past eleven years in practice and have learned so much from my patients.  It is through them that I gained knowledge, experience, wisdom, strength, insight and friendship over the years.  As I was closing up my practice in Westminster, CO, several patients sent me notes or came to visit to give me a personal thank you and hug.  Several shared with me what a lasting impact I have had on their life.  Those gestures were not only appreciated, but will be treasured.  Some of my favorite patients (yes – we do have favorites) have pledged to continue their care with me in Parker, CO and in some cases may drive over an hour to see me.  I am truly honored and humbled by theircommitment to me and confidence in me. It is this type of doctor-patient bond that transcends any frustrations or challenges in medicine and makes it all worth it! 

I look forward to opening my new practice in January 2010 to continue my current doctor-patient relationships as well as to develop new ones.


Vandna Jerath, MD

Ob/Gyn Physician




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